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Internet, Network and ICT Services Interruption - 1 March 2024

Assalamualaikum & Greetings

Dear all,
We would like to inform you there will be a power interruption at the Data Center to give way for power cabling works. Details of the interruption is as follows:
Date : 1 March 2024
Time : 7.00 p.m - 10.00 p.m
During that period, PPKT Data center will experience disruption to the power supply and access to the services hosted there will be affected. These are among the lists of services :
1. All networking services (wired, wifi, Internet access)
2. All web portal (Campus online, elearning, ejournal, pohon)
3. All USM websites
4. Access to the Microsoft 365 (one drive, email, office web)
5. Email delivery
6. Client based applicatin
7. API access
8. Archive access
9. Telecommuncation services in the campus (webex, Microsoft Teams, fixed telephone)
10. All other services hosted in USM 
Any inconvenience caused is greatly regretted. 

Thank you.

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